How Strong Is Your Shield?

Anthony De Francisco
3 min readDec 19, 2021

Lightworkers must protect their energy field.

Photo by Anne Nygård on Unsplash

Our world is a Star Wars movie playing out right before our very eyes. A real-life Dark Side is playing against a real-life Lightside, and each has a significant role to play on our planet. As lightworkers, It is important to know how to shield and protect ourselves from these dark entities.

The Dark Lords are manipulating human minds to feel less powerful behind the scenes. I have a lot of experience with dark energy as I am constantly under attack and have lived with a shadow entity for quite some time until I figured out how to remove it from my home. Daily spiritual protection is imperative to keep our shield solid and impenetrable. Our energy field can become victims of attacks from energies of less than 100 percent light daily. These entities are looking for any opening in our shield to attach themselves to our energy field. When these energies successfully penetrate a hole in our armor, our thoughts can become foggy and even toxic. A world that made total sense yesterday and full of abundance can suddenly feel mundane and melancholy.

The dark entities are the brains behind many matrices we experience here on Earth. An excellent example is a financial matrix that puts humans in a hamster on a wheel-type of life that keeps us too busy to see past what is happening right in front of us. If you are a human and work for the Dark Side, it is your job to help keep humanity down by any means possible. It is important to know that the dark entities feed off human emotions such as fear, anxiety, depression, etc. So, if the human or dark energy behind that human can control and manipulate another by keeping one in a state of fear, anxiety, depression, the more energy and life force that dark energy can get to thrive. It is imperative to know that these energies and beings are only doing what they are supposed to be doing in this dualistic density of Earth. The dark energies and beings do not understand empathy and are only trying to evolve, just as the lightworkers are doing.

The dark energies can be a master teacher showing us the way to light. As a lightworker, we ascend through service to others, and conversely, the dark energies ascend through suppression of the lightworker. So, the lightworker needs to take their power back. It has been many years and…